5 Pros to Own a Lace Bralette

Months ago I own me a black lace bralette. I’ve searched a long time for it, because most of them were pretty expensive or sold out at that time. Now you can get it a lot cheaper everywhere.

What Exactly is a Lace Bralette?

It’s a bra without padded cups or underwire. They are mostly in a black color and you can recognize them by the typical lace fabric. But still you will find many different styles of it. Then you’ll want them all, because every bralette looks special in it’s own way. It really could turn into a shopping addiction. <3

Is a Lace Bralette the Right Choice for You?

I would say yes and no. In my opinion it’s the best for smaller breasts. Bigger breasts often need a support of underwire because of their size. And it really doesn’t look really good on bigger ones. They are made for ladies with A cup breasts. So good for me haha
Lace bras are looking very sexy because of the lace fabric and are a good choice to surprise your partner.


5 Pros to Own a Lace Bralette

  1. It’s perfect for ladies with A-B cup breasts
  2. It gives the breasts a nice shape and contour
  3. You’ll have no more pain of being poked by a underwire
  4. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, youโ€™ll barely notice youโ€™re wearing this bra at all
  5. If you’re still young, you can wear it as a “top” under a v-blouse. But be careful with it!
    Don’t show too much. It’s still a lingerie



On my 3 Boho Blouses post you can see how I wore the bralette.

I got mine from Topshop for 28 $. It’s not available any more.
But maybe you can find another pretty one there or here.


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    November 5, 2015 at 13:37

    I really wish I could wear a lace bra. But I’m a E-cup so I need the support from a real bra. I wouldn’t say that a lace on is only looking good on smaller breast though since all breast look different. But having bigger ones makes me think that I would feel naked in a lace bra no matter how cute they are.

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      November 5, 2015 at 17:52

      yeah, it feels a bit awkward at first because it’s so light and you can’t feel the bra at all. And because they have no support I would not wear it too, if I would have big boobs. :D

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