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Mother’s Day – Homemade Chocolate Bars

chocolate bars

Today is Mother’s Day and what do you give your best mom? Of course, flowers. But this year I wanted her to give, in addition to the flowers, something homemade. I made her decorative homemade chocolate bars. I’ve found this great idea on a page where you can create your own chocolate for some money. But I found it a bit impersonal and I got the desire to make it by myself. With love. :)

However, I must say that when you shop your ingredients, you have more expenses than if you ordered it online. But I must say that it’s really worth it! My mom was thrilled. She was much happier about the chocolate than about the flowers. She said it would be a shame to eat this pretty chocolate. My mom is so sweet haha.
The chocolate itself, I have not made by myself. I just bought couverture. And what ingredients will you do on the chocolate is up to you.


What you need:

  • 150-200 g white, whole milk or bittersweet couverture chocolate
  • nuts
  • edible petals
  • dry fruits
  • smarties
  • chilli
  • orange zest
  • chocolate bar mold / kitchenfoil and clear film
  • small pot / bowl
  • bigger bowl (high-grade steel)

chocolate bars


Let’s Go!

  1. make the chocolate small, so it can melt a lot better
  2. pour a small pot or bowl with hot water
  3. put a larger bowl with the chocolate on the small pot
  4. let the chocolate melt and stir from time to time. This may take up to 15 min.
  5. pour the melted chocolate in the chocolate bar mold
  6. if you don’t have one, take some kitchenfoil and form a mold. put in the kitchenfoil a clear film
  7. decorate the chocolate with your favorite ingredients immediately!
  8. let it sit for 1-2 hours at room temperatur
  9. put it in the fridge overnight or let it stay there for a few hours

Now wrap it nicely up und give it your beloved ones. :)


chocolate bar

Have a nice mother’s day! β™₯



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