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How to Stay Fit in Winter

Some love it, some hate it – the winter. Our motivation falls and we fall into a winter depression. For me it’s also very difficult to stay motivated and fit in winter. What helps against a winter depression? Found out here. But there’s no reason to worry!
I’ve got 8 various tips on how to stay fit in winter. Let’s go!


Go to the Gym after Work

It’s really difficult to leave the house once you get home. You eat your meal or sit on the couch and you get automatically comfortable or tired. The couch can be very alluring when it’s wet and windy outside! Pack your fitness stuff in the morning and go to the gym after Work. 3 times a week is totally enough.

Activities at Home

You all know THIS feeling. You look out of the window and you immediately lost the desire for going outside. Either it’s snowing or raining – or it’s simply just f*cking cold! So we rather like to stay at home. Fortunately there are some activities you can do at home. Take a fitness dvd – yoga or pilates. Many fitness videos you can also find on YouTube. If you have a console, I recommend Wii Fit, Wii Sports or Dance Dance Revolution. Play it together with friends or family – it will be a lot of fun!

Make the Most of Every Moment

The weather is too cold for you and you’re feeling tired. No reason to give up. Who doesn’t want to do intensive fitness exercises, can also do a 20 minute walk, sledding or make a snowball fight.

Enter Dancing Classes

Whether it’s salsa, waltz, jazz, hip-hop or belly dance. There are many different dance styles to choose from. It burns not only calories, but you also learn a new ability. You can show your new skill in the club or at a wedding. You’ll also get to know new people. :)

Don’t do it alone

It’s much easier to achieve your goals through social support. Keeping a good diet and exercise plan during the winter is a lot easier if you trying to do it with others. Your parnter, close friend, co-worker, or anyone you might trust and who has the same goal. Together you achieve everything!

Vitamins & Detox-Tea

I like to drink hot chocolate or tea in winter. So it’s a good opportunity to detox your body and keep it healthy. A detox tea make it’s work good and you can drink it best in cold season. Don’t forget to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables!

Book a Trip

When nothing else works for you, I advise a plan B – book a trip. For all concerned ones of winter blues, who has got enough money. Do a short trip to another country and bring an activity with. Diving, mountain biking, climbing and surfing. There are a lot of possibilities.

Be Positive!

Nothing compares to a positive thinking. Only with it can be reached a lot! Do something for your body, so you can present it with pride in warmer seasons. As the saying goes ‘Summer bodies are made in winter!’ So here we go! ;)
PS: never out off till tomorrow what you can do today :D

So my dear ones, as you can see there are countless ways to stay fit in winter :)




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    Lilia | Lily Like
    December 15, 2015 at 09:41

    Great tips! xo

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