Cold Cream for Skincare in Winter

Many of us suffer from dry skin – me included. All the year round I’m suffering from it, but mostly it hits me in the cold season. In winter our skin needs a special attention. It’s cold outside but dry and warm inside. The heated air depletes moisture from our skin and makes it so sensitive and rough. It’s also itchy and scaly after washing, so you want to provide it constantly with skincare products. The protective sheath is porous from lack of oil, by what the skin dries out even more. It also appears to be sensitive when foreign substances get into the skin.

But thankfully there is a solution for everything. You will find a wide range of products that will help out with dry skin everywhere. I came across to “cold cream” products by Avène. The name itself sounds very wintry.

So what exactly is Cold Cream and what achieve it?
Cold Creams by Avène is a cold protection and buildup product for dry skin to very dry skin. It includes beeswax, and acts by the properties of the Avène thermal water, calming and soothing effect. In addition, it’s extremely soft and rich. The cold cream moisturises and nourishes your skin at the same time all throughout the day.

I picked out these three products by Avène. Because not only my skin suffers, but also my hands and lips.

Avène Cold Cream
Avène Cold Cream Hand Cream
Avène Cold Cream Lipbalm


Products were made available to me with the kind support from Europa Apotheek

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    March 25, 2016 at 00:37

    Oh I have to try this cream! I always suffer from dry skin. Happy Easter <3

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