Coachella | Lace Maxi Dress

The first weekend of Coachella is over. Now the second and last one begins. There are the most popular live acts, fancy and expensive food and the hottest celebrities. But it’s not only about the music at Coachella. It’s about who wears what. See and be seen.
An absolute must for the blogger scene.

But what exactly should you wear at Coachella? Bohemian! Coachella is located in the middle of the California desert. There can be about 30 degrees in April. Short and light clothes can be helpful. Trends such as fringes, lace dresses, ankle boots, flash tattoos and lots of boho jewelry dominate the music festival. Popular colors are white, black and denim or pattern fabrics. You can see my Coachella outfit from last year here.

During online shopping I totally fell in love with this black lace maxi dress by ASOS. A dream in black! There was only 1 piece left and also in my size. I just had to get it or else I’ll regret it. I speak from personal experience.

Coachella-Dress-05 Coachella-Dress-08 Coachella-Dress-07 Coachella-Dress-01 Coachella-Dress-02 Coachella-Dress-06 Coachella-Dress-03Coachella-Dress-12 Coachella-Dress-10 Coachella-Dress-09

Sadly I don’t know where else I can wear this pretty dress, except at Coachella or at a shooting. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Have a nice day everyone! <3

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