Get a Chloé Drew Bag Lookalike for only $29

You should definitely put the Chloé Drew Bag ($1,850) on your christmas wish list. There’s barely a bag that was so much hyped this year. But wait – don’t close this post right away! I found some lookalike for anyone, who doesn’t have a lot of money for a designer bag. Let’s be honest. They’re not suitabel for daily use because of their size and they’re insanely expensive. $1,850  is really a lot and you have to think twice or thrice about it. Also, you never know how long this bag will be still in vogue, because the designer bags are simply trend items. But the Chloé Drew is definitely a good choice! For an event, a dinner or a club, the drew bag is the TOP accessoire.

I have picked out 10 lookalikes for you of the most popular designer bag. I’m sure you will be weak for one or another dupe! And of course I put a Chloé Drew Bag Lookalike on my wish list too. I’m already excited to get it! <3


  1. GoJane // 2. Topshop // 3. Jessica Buurman // 4. Baginc // 5. Amazon // 6. Amazon // 7. Lori’s // 8. Baginc // 9. YesStyle // 10. Jessica Buurman


So why not buy a dupe when it’s 50 times cheaper? You can also buy more than one lookalike, if you can’t decide for one color :)

Which one is your favorite?
Mine are no. 2, 3, 6 and all the others haha


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    Lilia | Lily Like
    November 20, 2015 at 21:38

    Sooo pretty <3

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