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A Little Bit About Me
My name is Julia Dotz. I’m a 23 year old half German, half Russian girl who lives in Germany.
At the moment I do an apprenticeship as an office administrator in office managament.
In my spare time I help out my boyfriend with some web design offers at home
and he supports me with my blog. He is my personal photographer, adviser and the one
who designed my blog. Many thanks to him.
Our next project is to mix electronic, house, deep house music.
I love spending time with my boy. We also workout together, playing videogames,
reading books or meet our friends. He is my homie, lover and best friend. :)
Also I absolutely adore travelling, delicious food, shopping, warm places with palms,
my family, my rabbit Akira and the sun.

A Little Bit About My Blog
Yumilia is a personal style and lifestyle blog. Featuring fashion, fitness, travel
and with a little touch of motivation and inspiration.
I hope you enjoy your time reading my blog.
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What does Yumilia mean?
It’s a mix of my old nickname Yumi and my name Julia. Years ago my biggest love was Japan
(still loving it) and a translator told me that the japanese name for Julia is Yumi.
Later I wanted a new name, a special one. So my mom came up with the name Yumilia.
Thank you mom!


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